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Helping or Hurting the Homeless; Andy Ngo Determined Despite Antifa Attacks

Homelessness is a growing problem, not only in major cities but in smaller ones too. But why? We take a deep dive into the topic looking at one reason, a policy called Housing First.

(1:01) In our first panel, former St. John’s shelter CEO Michele Steeb explains Housing First from the first-hand experience and from writing her new book, “Answers Behind the RED DOOR: Battling the Homeless Epidemic.” Brenda Gilchrist describes how the policy affected her community of Santa Rosa, California. And Chris Keys from the Redwood Gospel Mission in Santa Rosa describes how Housing First just doesn’t work.

(13:20) In our second panel, we hear from two women who made it off the streets. For Jennifer Reyes and Adrianna Granlund, Housing First didn’t help them, so what did?

(48:48) In America Q&A, we see how comfortable people are with giving COVID vaccinations to children.

(35:44) Antifa is not an idea—it’s a violent, extreme leftist movement, as independent journalist Andy Ngo knows all too well. He was again viciously attacked by an Antifa mob. He shares with us why he remains determined despite the obvious risks.