Hearthstone Android, iPhone Release Dates: New Patch for Windows 8 Touch Devices; And Eaglehorn Bow Disenchant Deal Just Ended

A new Hearthstone patch is out for Windows devices, and the Eaglehorn Bow card disenchant deal has ended.

Blizzard announced on the official Hearthstone Facebook page on Tuesday that the latest patch,, has “added support for Windows 8 touch devices.”

However, this does not mean that players can get the game on the Windows Phone or tablets. The patch is only applicable for PCs and laptops with touch screen capability.

While Blizzard did confirm that they are working on Hearthstone for Android and the iPhone for release later in 2014, they have yet to update their stance on porting the game for Windows 8 mobile devices.

In other news, players who wish to disenchant an older version of their Eaglehorn Bow card will not be able to do so anymore from today on.

Before July 24, 2014, the card used to read: “Whenever a Secret is revealed, gain +1 Durability.”

After the patch, it now reads: “Whenever a friendly Secret is revealed, gain +1 Durability.

Blizzard allowed players to disenchant the card for the full amount of dust it takes to craft the card since they updated it, and ended the deal on Thursday, August 7, 2014.

Blizzard community manager Daxxarri provided the reason for the change:

“Hey guys! The change to the Eaglehorn Bow was an intentional adjustment, and not a bug fix. We like that the Eaglehorn combos with your own traps, but we aren’t as happy that it also punishes your opponent’s secrets. Not to mention, there’s a possibility that secret play will become more prominent as more Naxx cards are released. All in all, the timing felt right to adjust the way the bow works.

That said, in this case we will be offering a full cost disenchant for the Eaglehorn Bow, but it’s been delayed a bit. I don’t have a precise ETA at the moment, but for now, hold onto your bows and don’t do anything hasty.”