Hearthstone Android, iPhone Release Date: Curse of Naxxramas ‘Construct Quarter’ Release Set for Aug 12

The fourth wing of the Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas adventure is slated to be available on Tuesday, August 12.

Dubbed “The Construct Quarter,” players will have to face off a series of Abomination bosses that feature supercharged hero abilities and play some form of Deathrattle-themed deck. 

The first Hearthstone single-player Adventure, Curse of Naxxramas, launched July 22, 2014.

Blizzard will be adding a total of 30 new cards in this adventure.

Players will have to battle fifteen bosses across five wings to unlock these cards.

The wings are The Arachnid Quarter, The Plague Quarter, The Military Quarter, The Military Quarter, and Frostwyrm Lair.

Three bosses will feature in each wing. Beating the bosses will grant players a pair of cards.

Completing the wing will grant the player a Legendary card, which is the final boss in the wing.

Each wing will also feature two class-specific challenges. Players have to use a special deck to beat one of the bosses in the wing. Once that is accomplished, players will get a class-specific card.

Access to the wing can be purchased for 700 Gold, or $6.99. Once purchased, the wing stays permanently unlocked.

Only the first wing, The Arachnid Quarter, is free to play.

Here are the bosses and card rewards for The Construct Quarter, The Military Quarter, The Arachnid Quarter and The Plague Quarter:

The Construct Quarter

Patchwerk — 2 x Undertaker

Grobbulus — 2 x Mad Scientist

Gluth — 2 x Zombie Chow

Thaddius — 2 x Wailing Soul

Complete wing — Feugen and Stalagg

The Arachnid Quarter

Anub’Rekhan — 2 x Haunted Creeper

Grand Widow Faerlina — 2x Nerub’ar Weblord

Maexxna — 2 x Nerubian Egg

Complete wing — Maexxna

The Plague Quarter

Noth the Plaguebringer — 2 x Stoneskin Gargoyle

Heigan the Unclean — 2 x Unstable Ghoul

Loatheb — 2 x Sludge Belcher

Complete wing — Loatheb

The Military Quarter

Instructor Razvious — 2 x Dancing Swords

Gothik the Harvester — 2 x Spectral Knight

The Four Horsemen — 2 x Deathlord

Complete wing — Baron Rivendare