Hearthstone Android and iPhone Release Date 2014: New Expansion to Have About 100 New Cards in its Booster Packs, No New Heroes

What might feature in the upcoming Hearthstone expansion?

In the series finale of Chris ‘ChanmanV’ Chan’s Value Town show, Hearthstone’s senior game designer Mike Donais appeared as a guest star along with Hearthstone Twitch streamer Trump, and Donais offered an insight into the next expansion.

Those who expect another “Curse of Naxxramas” type Hearthstone adventure will be disappointed. Donais says that the expansion is “not adventure mode, it’s a lot of cards.”

“It’s not exactly 100, it’s a lot of cards though… It’ll be booster pack format,” Donais added.

The cards will feature in a number of different booster packs separate from the current card pack collection to prevent duplication.

Donais says that Blizzard Team 5 are “working super hard… Sweat, tears, really hard…” but says they don’t have a planned release date yet, which shouldn’t be surprising to those familiar with Blizzard’s “perfectionist” streak of getting games very near perfect before releasing them.

News that Blizzard are working hard on the new expansion might not be very welcoming to Android and iPhone users, however.

Blizzard announced that they will be releasing Hearthstone for Android and the iPhone later in 2014 back in April, but have not given a date yet.

If they are indeed taking on additional workload in preparing the upcoming expansion, then Android OS and iPhone users might have a longer wait ahead before they can summon minions and cast spells on their mobile device.

Hearthstone is currently available for PC, Mac, and the iPad.

In the Value Town show, Donais says that the Android and iPhone app is “suppose to happen this year.”

Chan asked “BlizzCon this year?”, to which Donais replied, “I have no idea.

“I asked them, they keep telling me ‘When it’s ready.'”

Donais also confirmed that Blizzard are not working on any new Hero classes to supplement the current nine.

Check out the full show below.