‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Shares Photos of Daughter to Support Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October 6, 2018 Updated: October 6, 2018

Actress Caterina Scorsone shared photos of her daughter on her Instagram account recently in order to show support for Down syndrome awareness month in October.

Scorsone’s daughter Paloma Michaela, was born with the common chromosomal condition in Nov. 2016, and ever since then, the mother has been constantly showing her support for children with Down syndrome on social media.

In an Oct. 2 post, she wrote, “October is Down syndrome awareness month. Here’s a little info. 1 in 700 babies is born with Down syndrome. Language is important. Parents don’t have a 1 in 700 “RISK” of having a baby with Down syndrome.”

Scorsone added, “Parents have a 1 in 700 CHANCE of having a baby with Down syndrome, just like they have a 50 percent CHANCE of having a girl and a 50 percent CHANCE of having a boy.”

“Differences are beautiful. Language changes how people think. Words are important. #hitthejackpot #theluckyfew#nothingdownaboutit #love,” she told her fans and followers.

The star also praised brands such as American Girl, Gerber and Anthropology earlier this year for incorporating children with Down Syndrome into their promotions of baby foods, doll, and clothing, according to People.

In addition, Scorsone has spoken out about the need for more research on chromosomal disorders.

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