Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Spoilers: Time Jump Since Season 10 Finale; Meredith the Focus in Season

July 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Grey’s Anatomy season 11 will have jumped ahead since the season 10 finale.

But not by much–about 24 hours, series creator Shonda Rhimes said.

That short jump means that Meredith will still be heavily impacted by the loss of her close friend Cristina, and how her husband might be moving to Washington, D.C.

The season is going to focus on Meredith, Rhimes told TVLine.

“Right now, if you were in the writers’ room, you would probably tell me that the theme is ‘Meredith,'” Rhimes said. “Because all I keep saying is, ‘The show is just about Meredith Grey!’ It’s really a Meredith-centric season. She’s lost her ‘person,’ her [half-]sister has shown up, her husband is chafing to go someplace else…”

Speaking of the sister, Maggie is the child of Richard and Ellis, and “will be influenced by what Meredith went through with Lexie,” he other half-sister.

Not too much else has been revealed for the upcoming season, except for Caterina Scorsone (Amelia Shephard) has been promoted to series regular.

Season 11 is slated to premiere on September 25.

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