Graphic Shows Oil Tanker’s Last Movements Before Collision Outside Chinese Port

April 27, 2021 Updated: April 27, 2021

China’s Shandong Maritime Safety Administration said on Tuesday (April 27) that the tanker A Symphony, carrying around 1 million barrels of oil, has spilled oil in the Yellow Sea.

The Suezmax tanker was last seen near the Qingdao port, live shipping data on Refinitiv Eikon showed.

Managers of the oil tanker Goodwood Ship Management told Reuters the bulk carrier Sea Justice collided with the oil tanker A Symphony when the latter was at anchor at Qingdao anchorage in China.

The collision happened at around 08:50 local time on April 27, the company added.

“The force of the impact on the forward port side caused a breach in way of No. 2 Port ballast tank, with a quantity of oil lost into the ocean. All of the crew have since been accounted for, and there are no injuries,” the firm said in an email response.

The tanker last called at Linggi International Transhipment Hub, near Malacca in peninsular Malaysia, earlier this month, the data showed.

The 892 foot-long and 150 foot-wide oil tanker was sold in May 2019 to its new owners Symphony Shipholding SA and NGM Energy, Equasis data showed.

Symphony Shipholding SA, NGM Energy, and Goodwood Ship Management, the technical manager of A Symphony, could not be immediately reached for comment.

By Helena Williams and Malgorzata Wojtunik