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Google Has Programmed ‘Woke’ AI to Censor the Internet: Whistleblower

Google has been programming a “woke” artificial intelligence (AI) system that can censor the internet, according to Zach Vorhies, a former Google employee turned whistleblower. He explains that AI is at the heart of the future internet—determining what content is shown, how facts are weighed, and which voices should be suppressed. What Google is doing, he explains, is limiting the information the AI system is exposed to, so that its breadth of information is limited to biased sources. This is programming the system with its own political biases, which can undermine the basic freedoms of online speech.

We speak with Zach Vorhies about this system, how it relates to the new revelations on censorship at Twitter, and what this means for the future of free speech and online expression.

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