Godzilla 2014 Rumors: Movie Toy Line Confirms Godzilla’s Kaiju Enemy, is it Mothra, Rodan or Gigan?

March 31, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Bandai’s Godzilla 2014 movie toy line is out, and it looks like another monster will make an appearance in the movie.

IdleHandsBlog has released pictures of the new Godzilla 2014 toys.

Other than more toy versions of Godzilla, an alien-looking kaiju (“strange monster”) debuts.

This kaiju has six limbs, four of which are long and slender, and two shorter, hooked limbs. The yet-to-be-named monster also has a pair of L-shaped wings that could easily pass off as another set of limbs.

A James Cameron Alien-quese head sits on a short body, and the creature’s eyes are elongated, red slits (Robocop 2013, anyone?).

This monster has never been seen before in the original Godzilla series or in the 1998 remake. It is likely to be Godzilla’s enemy in the 2014 movie.

Thomas Tull, Godzilla 2014 producer and CEO of Legendary Pictures, has hinted that Godzilla will be the “good guy” in the show.

“He’s got the reptilian brain, but I absolutely think it will be clear to audiences that you’ll be rooting hard in that direction,” said Tull.

As a flying object/creature appears very briefly in the trailer, there has been some speculation that either Rodan, a giant pteranodon, or Mothra, a giant moth, will be Godzilla’s villains. This flying kaiju, however, resembles neither of Godzilla’s traditional foes.

Rodan Godzilla

Yet this kaiju could very well be an old enemy re-imagined. The kaiju’s extraterrestrial feel, red slit eyes and hooked appendages are reminiscent of the alien kaiju Gigan, one of Godzilla’s deadliest enemies.

Godzilla hits cinemas May 16, 2014.