Girl Driver Does Stealthy Phone Drop When she Spots Police

By Brendon Fallon, Epoch Times
May 24, 2018 Updated: May 24, 2018

An adolescent who was talking on her phone while driving was caught on camera stealthily dropping her phone to avoid detection by police.

The young woman was seen chatting on her phone while driving a red Holden Commodore, near Newcastle, New South Wales on Wednesday, May 23.

When she realises that she is being filmed by the passenger in the car beside her, she smiles and waves with her phone before resuming her conversation.

Soon afterward, she after slickly drops the phone down the inside of the car door after passing a police vehicle. She then speeds up to drive away.

The person who recorded this footage, who wished to remain anonymous, told Storyful they submitted the video to Constable Alex Mills at Waratah Police Station. They said they had noticed the driver driving erratically which is why they were filming when they approached her vehicle.

The NSW Police Force Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Facebook page also posted a link to a Daily Mail article which was written about the video.

The driver of the Commodore appears to have commented on the video saying “no proud of it (sic) but whoops” after being tagged in the post by a friend, and then states she will need an Opal card soon.

A torrent of angry comments follows on the post, with one commenter saying “Chloe Jackson you might want to wake up to yourself before you not only kill yourself but some other innocent bystander or passenger!”

A supervisor from Waratah Police Station told Storyful they had not been aware of these comments, but would be looking into this post while they investigate the matter.

The uploader said Mills also requested images via email on Thursday which could potentially be used to fine the driver.

Credit: Anonymous via Storyful


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