Galaxy S6 Release Date and Rumors: Will Samsung’s Upcoming Flagship Phone be Made of All Metal?

Samsung’s upcoming smartphone could have an all-metal design.

GForGames cites “sources from Samsung’s supply chain” that the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha are the start of Samsung’s bid to roll out more “premium,” all-metal designs to the market.

This means that Samsung’s next flagship phone, which is dubbed the Galaxy S6, could be all metal like Apple’s iPhones.

Samsung phones generally feature plastic covers, even in their top-of-the-line range like the current Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3.

However, GForGames’ sources claim that Samsung will have difficulties transitioning to an all-metal Galaxy S6 because most metal case suppliers are tied up with Apple.

At present, Samsung’s main suppliers for metal casing is China’s BYD Electronics and Taiwan’s Eminence Precision Industrial Co., a major metal case manufacturer that can churn out about 1 million cases a month. 

GForGames suggests that given the supply side issue, Samsung could be forced to release a “mostly plastic” Galaxy S6 to the mainstream public, and make a “premium, expensive and probably limited metal clad Samsung Galaxy S6” to wheat the demand for “premium” mobile devices.

The above information is speculative, and Samsung is most probably months away from coming up with a Galaxy S6, given that they have yet to roll out the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4 to the public.

Also, the link GForGames provides is broken, so there is no way to verify the information.