Galaxy Note 4 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Samsung Phablet to Launch in September With the Galaxy Gear 3?

Samsung’s latest phablet is supposedly set to launch in fall 2014, and could be released with the Samsung’s next-gen wearable tech.

According to Android Geeks, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be unveiled on September 3, and that invitations for the Unpacked event will be out in mid-August.

The rumored release date is in line with last year’s Note 3 launch, which was held on September 4.

As Samsung normally schedules its Galaxy Note phablets for launch around the same time that Apple launches its latest iOS smartphones in order to poach potential iPhone buyers, the rumored launch date could very well be reliable.

Wearables are the next big thing in the mobile tech industry, and Samsung could be releasing its latest Galaxy Gear 3 smartwatch together with the Galaxy Note 4.

The Korea Herald reports that “Samsung is working on the next generation of the Samsung Gear 2, and it will be sold in a bundle package with the upcoming Galaxy Note 4.”

This news seems likely given that the South Korean tech giant has released its Galaxy Gear and Gear 2 wearables with the Galaxy S5 smartphone and Galaxy Note 3 phablet in the past.

Before the Galaxy Gear 3 is released, however, Samsung could release a SIM-embedded smartwatch, the Gear Solo, in the United States sometime in July.

The South Korean company is releasing its wearable tech so frequently because “Samsung is trying to shorten the release cycle since other rivals, including Apple and LG Electronics, are expected to roll out their own smartwatches,” according to Nam Dae-jong, an analyst from Hana Daetoo Securities.