Frogs Flood Greek Highway

May 26, 2010 Updated: May 27, 2010

Things are going wrong in Greece, and not just the economy.

Officials in Greece have reported a flood of tiny frogs that closed a major highway for two hours on Wednesday. Three drivers skidded off the road, according to reports.

"There was a carpet of frogs," said a local traffic police chief Giorgos Thanoglou, according to the Associated Press.

Though he has no scientific credentials mentioned in the AP report, Thanoglou hypothesized that the frogs left a nearby lake in search of food.

While information remains limited on the event, there have been well documented incidences of frogs and fish falling from the sky in various parts of the world.

Some researchers have found that the change in behavior or mass movement of frogs and toads is a possible sign of an upcoming earthquake. A report from The Open University in the United Kingdom found that common toads had a dramatic change in behavior five days before an earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy in April 2009.