Free Nicotine Gum and Patch Program Starts in NYC

March 4, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

New York City is helping smokers quit once again with the annual free nicotine patch and gum program. The Health Department announced that signups for the program start on Mar. 4 and run through April 1st.

New Yorkers who want to quit smoking can request gum or patches by calling 311 or visiting

The free gum and patch program is in its ninth year. Since launching in 2006, it has has helped 300,000 people quit smoking.

The latest New York City numbers show that 15.5 percent of adults and 8.5 percent of young people in  smoke.

The Health Department is coupling the giveaway with a marketing campaign that features Marie, a woman that started smoking in high school. In her forties, she had a smoking related disease that caused her to lose her foot, leg, and some of her fingers through amputations.

Marie quit smoking after calling 311 in 2006 and has become a national figure for quitting smoking.

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