Four Soldiers Accused of Anarchist Plot

August 28, 2012 Updated: August 28, 2012

Four Georgia-based U.S. Army soldiers are accused of killing two people and might face sedition allegations involving a plot to kill President Barack Obama.

“As far as the evidence has shown, the motive for the murders was the overthrow of the government,” Georgia District Attorney Tom Durden told CNN.

Durden added that it “wasn’t barroom talk,” saying that “they amassed a good bit of weapons and explosive materials,” and Assistant District Attorney Isabel Pauley described the soldiers as “an anarchist group and militia.”

On Monday, soldier Michael Burnett told of an elaborate plot involving “an anarchist group and militia,” the network reported.

Members of the group killed a former soldier and his girlfriend because they learned of the group’s plans, Burnett said, according to Reuters.

The four accused members of the group called themselves “FEAR,” an acronym for Forever Enduring Always Ready, the prosecution said. Other than killing President Obama, the group wanted to attack their Army base in Washington state.

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