Footage Captures Gun Fight With Man Who Murdered Over Imaginary Girlfriend

October 18, 2017 Updated: October 18, 2017

Florida police have now released a dramatic 911 phone call and officer body camera footage that captures some of the last minutes of Brian Disario’s life.

Disario shot family friend David James Armstrong while the two men were at Disario’s mother’s home in Port Richey on Oct 12.

Disario’s mother, whose name has not yet been released, called 911 after her son shot Armstrong twice. As she speaks with the operator, she narrates the rest of her son’s shooting rampage.

Police released the video footage and audio recording of the call on Monday, Oct. 16.

Fox News has reported that Disario shot Armstrong because he believed Armstrong was hitting on his imaginary girlfriend.

“He’s shooting one of my friends here, hurry,” Disario’s mother told the 911 operator, making repeated requests for officers to be sent quickly.

The 911 operator assured the mother police were on their way and asked for a description of her son.

“He’s white, he’s 300 pounds, he’s big, and he’s having a schizophrenic episode,” she said.

“What kind of gun is it?” asked the operator.

“I don’t know, it’s a big [expletive] machine gun. Just do what you gotta do, get somebody here.”

“He’s got two guns,” she later clarified, telling the operator that the victim, Armstrong, was in the garage bleeding.

“Hurry,” she pleaded.

“They’re coming as fast as they can I promise,” said the operator. “Are you safe?”

“I am in the garage, he is inside the house,” said Disario’s mother.

“If you do need to talk to him speak softly and calmly, do not upset him,” advised the operator. “I have a lot of officers coming.”

That’s when Disario started shooting in the house.

“Dear God, get them here quickly before he kills the rest of us,” said Disario’s mother.

Then someone, presumably the mother’s boyfriend, the only other person in the house, can be heard shouting in the background.

“I know, you [expletive]. What the [expletive] are you doing man,” he yelled.

“Come on, put it away man, he ain’t gonna do nothing no more. Don’t [expletive] shoot him again,” shouted the boyfriend as the operator advised again not to shout at Disario.

Then more gun gunshots ring out.

“Oh my God,” the mother said.

“He’s shooting him … I’m running from the house,” said Disario’s mother.

“Oh my God, he’s outside the house with a gun. He’s coming outside.”

“He’s walking down the street with a gun, toward the school.”

“Oh my God, it’s an automatic rifle. Oh my God.”

That’s when officers arrived on the scene.

Body camera footage from two of the responding officers captures officers arriving on the scene, preparing their weapons, and walking toward the house.

As they approach from the side of the house, Disario came out.

“Hands bro! Put your [expletive] hands up,” shouts an officer, his own rifle raised and pointed at Disario.

But Disario raises his rifle instead and starts firing at police.

“He’s shooting at somebody on the street,” the mother said from a hiding place behind the neighbors house.

“Somebody’s shooting at him,” said a man, presumably her boyfriend.

After the brief standoff with officers, police said Disario returned inside his mother’s house and shot himself.

Police said Disario had a Core 15 CXV AR-15 rifle and a .22 caliber rifle with no markings on it to identify the make or model.

The officers involved in the shooting are being hailed as heroes.

“We are not currently aware of how he obtained the firearms but we are working closely with ATF to see if there is anymore information we may obtain,” reads a statement from police.

Two of the deputies involved in the standoff are now on administrative leave, standard protocol in officer shootings.

The case remains under investigation.