Floods Near Historical Levels In China; Chinese Quit CCP; Urumqi City Locked Down For Virus Outbreak

July 17, 2020 Updated: July 17, 2020

A second wave of floods is expected from the Yangtze River in China. At Wuhu Station on the river, the waters had reached 41.2 feet, which surpasses the highest alarm level by 4.5 feet, and is just less than a foot away from being its highest water level recorded in history.

Meanwhile, with the virus, Urumqi City of Xinjiang has been shut down as cases of the new coronavirus have allegedly begun to surge. Local traffic has already been shut down, and 90 percent of flights have been canceled.

And in Detroit, ICE officials in Homeland Security Investigations seized a web domain operated by China, LafoAuto.com, in an international investigation into arms trafficking. A statement from ICE says “HSI determined that more than 350 suppressors seized by law enforcement across the county were purchased from the website and smuggled into the United States from China as automotive parts.”

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