Floods, Earthquakes, and Mudslides Hit China; and Why Hong Kong Matters to the World

July 3, 2020 Updated: July 3, 2020

Floods and natural disasters continue in China. In Yunnan province, in Southwest China, waters surged overnight from the Baishui River, which made the flooding worse.

There were earthquakes in Sichuan province and Guizhou province. On July 2, a 3.2 magnitude earthquake in Sichuan hit Aba Prefecture, upstream of the Three Gorges Dam. Soon after, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit Guizhou. The earthquakes raised fears of potential landslides and overflow of the Three Gorges Dam. In Chongqing of Sichuan province and in Yunnan province, there were large landslides caused by the heavy rains.

And China recently passed its new National Security Laws that effectively end Hong Kong’s autonomy. We do a deep dive into what the law entails, and why this matters for the rest of the world.

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