5 Unusual Coincidences in This Year of the Horse

By Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
February 11, 2014 Updated: February 11, 2014

Entering the Year of the Horse, netizens are finding that this Horse year is a very special year with five extraordinary facts. 

1. In the lunar calendar, this Horse year comes with two days of “lichun” (立春), or “Beginning of Spring.” In both 2014 and 2015, lichun falls on Feb. 4. The Year of the Horse starts January 31, 2014, and ends February 18, 2015, which includes two beginnings of spring. According to Chinese tradition, a year with “double-spring” is particularly suitable for getting married. 

2. It’s rare to experience a “leap” September in the lunar calendar during one’s lifetime. In this century, the only leap September happens in this Year of the Horse. The next one will be in 2109.

3. This year’s Lantern Festival, or Yuan Xiao Jie (元宵節), falls on the same day as Valentine’s Day. Two marvelous things to celebrate!

4. This Year of Horse has 384 days, 29 days more than last year, the Year of the Snake. 

5. This Year of the Horse has five Fridays that fall on the same number day and month. In 2014, Apr. 4, Jun. 6, Aug. 8, Oct. 10, and Dec. 12 all fall on a Friday. 

Many Chinese think that these coincidences are amazing and extraordinary. They believe that this year will be quite unusual and a special year full of miracles. 

Those born in September say that they can celebrate two birthdays this year, which only happens once a century. 

Some netizens say that, since this Year of the Horse has two beginnings of spring as well as two Septembers, anyone who wants to get married should really take this opportunity! 

However, students sigh and lament that the 29 extra days just means more time in class!

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Translation by Hsin Yi and Lu Lu.

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