FIFA 15 Release Date, 2015 Player Ratings: Goal-Line Technology, EPL Stadiums Will be Featured (+Video)

EA Sports are adding even more realism into FIFA 15 with goal-line technology, and it will better player likeness.

“Goal-line technology” in a FIFA game is nothing really new. Being a computer game made out of lines of codes, the in-game referees “know” instantly when a ball fully cross the line for a goal.

True, the “goal-line technology” (i.e. better programming) is not always impeccable, but it preceded the implementation of actual goal-line tech in the real world.

With the successful adoption of goal-line tech, however, EA Sports has set out to emulate in FIFA 15 the television replays that show whether a ball crossed the line or not, thus adding another layer of realism to their popular soccer simulator.

“For the first time in a FIFA title we’ve implemented goal-line technology,” EA wrote on their website.

“Replay animations will emulate TV broadcasts after close calls and goal line clearances leaving you in no doubt about whether the ball crossed the line.”

Also, EA Sports has scanned the heads of over 200 real world players, which helps them created more authentic in-game models.


Having accurate player models is an aspect of the video game that fans have constantly taken EA Sports to task for, and it seems that they have finally resolved the issue in FIFA 15, at least for the more well-known players and clubs.

EA Sports will also feature all 20 Premier League stadiums in FIFA 15. Only 8 stadiums were featured in FIFA 14.

Check out some videos of FIFA 15 player predictions below.