FIFA 15 Release Date, Cover: EA Determined to End Ultimate Team Cheating

EA have decided to put their foot down on cheating in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

In a recent blog post, EA noted that the reason why players some times are unable to complete their Ultimate Team transfers, lose coins and players, and cannot get any search results in the Ultimate Team Transfer Market is down to cheaters who use “bots.”

As a result, EA is going to get tough on cheaters come FIFA 15.

Anyone caught buying and/or promoting coins will receive two cautions before being banned from all online play. That is, cheaters can still play the game, but not FUT and Pro Clubs, two online exclusive modes. 

Those who directly partake in coin selling and “farming” via “bots” will receive a straight “red card” and be banned from online FIFA.

FUT producer Marcel Kuhn elaborated more about the cheating situation to Eurogamer: “What we’re trying to do is clean up what [cheaters are] doing in-game to get their coins, which is essentially what affects the experience.”

“The bots are the vehicle the coin sellers use to get to the merchandise they are selling. If we’re able to shut that down and counter their activities, the experience will improve in general, as well as they will have a hard time getting the coins they’re selling.

“This is a key battle.”

Kuhn also elaborated on Youtubers who promote coin selling sites in their videos.

“We have done already things in the past since the end of the last year,” Kuhn said.

“We have stopped interacting or inviting YouTubers who are affiliated with coin selling sites to EA events.

“That was the first step. Now we will continue to investigate.

“That’s why the ban process around promoting coins is very important.

“Also there are many YouTubers doing this, maybe without knowing what they’re causing.

“So we want to make sure they know what’s coming and that going forward they have the chance to rectify what they’re doing, before we bring down the banning process on them.”