Far Cry 4 Release Date and News: Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs Inspires Upcoming Far Cry Title

Developers of Far Cry 4 drew inspiration from other popular Ubisoft games in making their game better.

In an interview with Digital Spy, creative director Alex Hutchinson says that his team has members who have worked on other Ubisoft titles, and how they will adapt and adopt what worked in those games for Far Cry 4.

“A lot of the team has worked on Assassin’s Creed games in the past, and several on Watch Dogs as well, so we’re always learning from other games in the studio,” said Hutchinson.

“When something works really well we try to see if it fits in the Far Cry universe, and vice versa.

“What we’ve tried to learn from those games and our own recent games is that it’s always better if you can push the player into the game faster and more cleanly, and that you don’t want to overwhelm them with content.”

Hutchinson also spoke about new villain Pagan Min and how hard it is to make memorable bad guys in a video game.

“In a videogame, it’s very difficult to create any sense of drama with a villain.

“Players know as soon as they see the bad guy that they will eventually confront him, and they know that even if it takes them a few attempts, they will win.

“It’s a game, a game is a challenge, they can repeat it as often as they like, and so eventually they will win.

“There’s no tension in a villain threatening you in a game at all.”

Hutchinson added: “So with Pagan, we wanted a villain who wasn’t directly threatening you.

“He’s clearly a bad guy, he’s clearly slightly unhinged, but we wanted him to have a more complex relationship with Ajay and therefore the player – why does he want to take care of you? What does he know about your family? Why does he seem to like you?

“And how does the player feel when again they already know from the first moment that eventually they will confront him.”

Far Cry 4 will launch for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC on November 18 in the United States, and November 20 in Europe.