Paralegal Says ‘How Humankind Came To Be’ Is ‘Thought-Provoking’

By Lily Sun
Lily Sun
Lily Sun
Lily Sun is an Epoch Times reporter who covers the tri-state of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
April 10, 2023Updated: April 18, 2023

Peggy Welsh, a paralegal in Pennsylvania, said she found the article “How Humankind Came To Be” “interesting and thought-provoking.”

The article written by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, was published by The Epoch Times in January. Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa, is a spiritual practice that teaches the universal principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance.

“I do see the importance of what he’s trying to say. I think that, in general, it’s very important for everyone to have some form of spiritual connection to the Creator,” Welsh said.

Welsh is also a health counselor. She understands health includes both a healthy body and spiritual belief. “I think that optimal health isn’t just how we eat and move our body. It’s also important to have a spiritual connection,” she said.

Welsh found it “very interesting” to read what Mr. Li wrote about being called upon by divine beings to pass along his disclosures, closely guarded secrets, and true picture of the current affairs of the world, to give people a chance at salvation.

“I get that,” Welsh said. She believes that most people want to think about what’s going to happen to them after they die. “We all want to go to heaven.”

Welsh understands the urgent motivation of Mr. Li to publish the article at this moment. “I do think that when I die, and I have salvation, heaven is a place where I go for good, that I don’t get sent back because I was bad,” She said she has gone through a lot of suffering, and that strengthened her faith. She believes that she is saved by God’s grace because of her faith and she will go to heaven eventually.

“That’s where every tear will be wiped away. There will be no sorrow. There will be no death. I will be in the presence of my God, my savior.

“I totally understand that he sees the need for people to turn their lives around. I really do.”

‘Time Is of the Essence’

As a Christian who is deeply rooted in her faith, Welsh said she is not afraid to be open to a different perspective. She thinks Mr. Li’s article shined a “light” to see through her life.

Welsh said: “It gave me more confidence that time is of the essence. But you’re running out of time to fulfill God’s will for you. And we all have something that we were put here to do.”

Welsh said just on the very same day as she read Mr. Li’s article, she also read a study that just came out that says “47 percent of Christians believe that we’re in end times.”

Welsh concurs with Mr. Li about the time issue. “He’s called upon because he feels that time is of the essence, is the message I was getting. I have to tell people this now because they’re going to run out of time,” she said. “I do agree that time is of the essence.”

Welsh also agrees with what is written in the article that heaven, Earth, and humans were made by the Creator, and he never plays favorites with some lives and shortchanges others.

‘A Battle of Good Versus Evil’

Welsh thinks Falun Gong shares many values with Christianity, like truthfulness, love, and compassion.

“The more you learn to be a good person, the more you want to be a good person,” said Welsh. “Like we always say as a Christian, I want to be more like Christ, because he set the example of being a good Christian.”

But Welsh sees a lot of bad things going on right now. She believes that people have to be aware that “the devil is real; evil is a real force.”

“We just had that shooting of little children in their school and I don’t think it’s a gun problem. I think it’s a God problem,” Welsh said. “There’s evil because we are pretty far astray from God.”

She alludes to the fact that many in society worship evil, leading them into danger.

“I didn’t watch the Grammys, but I did see video clips of performances at that music awards show. There are really things in today’s society that allude to worshipping the devil,” Welsh said.

“I feel that is where we are today. That it’s a battle of good versus evil.”

Welsh emphasized: “We have to resist, we have to fight evil, and we have to help others fight evil, because it is real. I think more than ever before that we can see proof that it’s a real force.”

She said she will keep doing her part by praying every day.

Praying for China

Welsh has been involved with Bible study for about 18 years. She is a leader in a community Bible study. She said China is the country that they have been praying for the most within the last couple of years, because Christians are persecuted by the Chinese communist regime.

After she learned that in China, Christians can only practice their belief in secret, hiding in basements, “It’s nothing like I can even fathom in my mind,” Welsh said.

Welsh mentioned that she is not surprised to hear that Falun Gong has been persecuted in China for the last 24 years. But she cannot accept the persecution of any religious belief.

“We have the freedom to worship, we have the freedom of expression,” Welsh said. “One of the most basic foundational principles of the United States of America is freedom of religion.”

“It just really boggles my mind and hurts my soul that any communist country would forbid a person from having a relationship with their Creator. It’s hurtful.”

Welsh said that she and her Bible study group will pray more for China.