After Reading ’How Humankind Came To Be,’ I Felt That I Should Be Kind: Reader

By Lee Yun-Jeong
Lee Yun-Jeong
Lee Yun-Jeong
Lee Yun-Jeong is an Epoch Times reporter based in South Korea.
May 19, 2023Updated: May 19, 2023

After reading Falun Gong founder Li Hongzhi’s “How Humankind Came to Be,” Ms. Seon Ah Son, president of the Korean International Superqueen Superstar Agency, said, “I felt that I should be more considerate of others and live a truthful life. ”

“This is something I want to share with the people of today,” said Ms. Son, emphasizing that it should be read by young people, especially those who are growing up, to restore morality.

“I should be kind,” was the most common phrase Ms. Son said during the interview with The Epoch Times at its Seoul office on May 10. “I have ‘kind (善, pronounced as Sun in Korean)’ in my name, ” she said with a smile.

All Comes Down to Rewards and Retributions for Past Deeds

Ms. Son said that the passage from Mr. Li’s article that resonated most with her was: “The reason some people lead happy lives and others do not all comes down to rewards and retributions for past deeds. ”

“It is said that if you do good things, you will be blessed and your descendants will be blessed,” Ms. Son said. “If I live kindly, my present life will be good, and I think heaven will send me to a better place in the next life and give me a better life than this one.

“Good and evil coexist in people’s hearts, but I think we have a conscience that allows us to think of the good,” said Ms. Son. “People who I know often say that if we don’t pay for the wrong we’ve done, our descendants may repay our karma, and I think that’s true. ”

“This article reinforced my belief that if you do bad things, you have to pay for them,” she said.

“I can’t remember my past life, but I feel like I’m going to meet people I’m supposed to meet, as family members, neighbors, friends, because of the relationship in the past life,” she said, referring to Mr. Li’s mention of reincarnation in his article.

“I have puppies at home, and sometimes I wonder what kind of wrongdoing they did to be born as an animal,” she said, “and I also think that if I do something wrong, I might be born as that animal in my next life, and I think I should be really good and cherish my life as a human being. Being considerate of others is not as easy as it sounds, but I think my life will be more peaceful if I can think of others before myself. ”

“Mr. Li’s article made me think that I should live kindly and work hard, keeping in mind that all my actions will come back to me as rewards and retributions,” she said.

Selfishness Is Becoming Too Prevalent

“The world today is completely devoid of morality, and it feels as if there are many dark clouds hanging over the earth,” said Ms. Son. “It is urgent to restore morality, as if the dark clouds must be cleared to reveal a blue sky and a clear world. ”

Epoch Times Photo
Ms. Seon Ah Son, president of the International Superqueen Superstar Agency, reading a Falun Dafa book. (Jaehyun Park/The Epoch Times)

“We have all suffered from the coronavirus for the past three years, and I feel that the heavens are angry with us because they cannot tolerate the staggering world and the human behaviors, and this is the first level of warning and punishment for humans,” she said.

“Especially when I had to wear a mask for a long period of time, I felt like it was a reminder to be careful what I say,” she said. “Looking back, I realize that I’ve said too many useless things in my life. It reminded me to be a good and righteous person.”

“Nowadays, it is said that the mountains change every two years instead of every 10 years,” Ms. Son said. “The development of technical civilization such as computers and cell phones has made life more convenient, which is good, but I also miss the old days when family, friends, and neighbors helped each other and kept traditional values alive, even if there were no such things. ”

“We used to be able to meet and talk openly and honestly with each other without cell phones,” she said, adding: “There was a lot of trust between people, but nowadays, if you say something, it gets distorted, and selfishness is becoming too prevalent. ”

Should Be Read by Adolescents

“We need the education to restore morality, which has fallen almost to the bottom,” said Ms. Son, emphasizing that “this article should be read not only by all adults, but also by adolescents who are growing up. ”

Commenting on how bad society has become, including drug abuse, Ms. Son said: “My heart would break if I thought that my child would be like this,” adding that “if we don’t educate our children from a young age, society can become really scary later on. ”

She also lamented the lack of strict parenting. “Nowadays, young mothers don’t tell their children to be quiet when they are noisy, and they just leave them alone,” said Ms. Son, who worries that “children and adults alike only know themselves. ”

“Some students will accept it from the beginning while others may have a hard time accepting it, but if you explain it a little easier and teach it over and over again, they will be able to relate to it,” she said. “Although the text is difficult, I hope that we can help them develop morality from an early age by having them read it over and over again, even a little bit, starting from middle school. ”

“When heaven sent me to this world, I believe I was given a role to do something,” said Ms. Son. “I will work harder to fulfill the role I was given and live a life that is more giving to my son, daughter, family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues,” she said. As president of the modeling association, she also vowed to “be more considerate of those in the modeling field and help and support them as much as possible to achieve their dreams. ”

“I don’t have any religions at present, but I often think of God when I have a hard time,” she said, adding: “God has given me a precious life, so if I cherish my life as a human being and live a life that helps others rather than my own interests, I think many good things will happen not only to myself but also to my descendants. ”

“This article has made me self-reflect,” she added: “I don’t know where else I would find something like this. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it.”