California Engineer Finds Hope in Falun Gong Founder’s Chinese New Year Article

By Lily Sun
Lily Sun
Lily Sun
Lily Sun is an Epoch Times reporter who covers the tri-state of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
February 5, 2023Updated: February 21, 2023

Frank James Cellucci, an engineer from Santa Cruz, California, shared his understanding with The Epoch Times on Feb. 3, after reading the article “How Humankind Came To Be” by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, which was published just before the Chinese New Year.

“I appreciate this article very much. The first time I read it, I got the feeling of hope.”

Cellucci has his own general construction and real estate business in Pennsylvania and California. He read the article on, which was forwarded by one of his friends who practices Falun Gong.

Falun Gong is a mind and body practice based on the universal principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance, however, it has been persecuted in China by the Chinese Communist Party since 1999.

Cellucci said: “I think Teacher Li has great perception, great insight, great wisdom, and great understanding. And I formed that opinion just by reading this article.”

Cellucci has read through the article a few times.

“The more I read the article, the better I understand it, the more I can compare it to other religions. I could compare it to world events, historical events. There’s a lot in this article. A great deal of information,” said Cellucci.

“I encourage everyone to read this article.”

Cellucci considers himself an interfaith type of person. He has studied different types of religions and has experienced both good and bad people in different types of religions.

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‘To Warn People’

“I think Teacher Li publishes the article to warn people,” Cellucci said.

“Warn them that we are in the destruction phase, warn them of what is coming, and also describe the creation of three realms, make it very clear that in the end of the destruction phase all living things perish.”

Mr. Li’s article talks about the universe’s four stages: formation, stasis, degeneration, and destruction, and that humanity is in the destruction phase, the final phase.

“When you read the entire article, that’s the feeling that I have, that the bad people, bad things that people have created, all that will be destroyed.”

Cellucci describes bad people as those who are “full of hatred and rage and they cause conflict and destruction with whoever they come in contact with.” He thinks that bad people are in a very low percentage. “But the low percentage of bad people create problems for everyone else.

“I’ve always believed throughout my life that it’s better to always try to do the good thing, right thing, be helpful,” Cellucci said. He was taken advantage of by certain people in the past, “I still continue to try to do what is right,  [in] a good way and be helpful. But I’m much more careful now.”

Cellucci said he believes that reincarnation exists, as evidence of it has been documented.

‘Gives Hope for the Future’

“There’s also a statement in Mr. Li’s article that says ‘be saved and gain deliverance back to heaven,’” Cellucci said. “I was able to relate to his article, from the first time that I read it. I thought it was very interesting. And it does present hope.”

Cellucci recited Mr. Li’s article: “So no matter whether you are rich or poor in life, you should be sure to do good, refrain from doing bad things, stay good and kind, be spiritual and devout, and be happy to help others. And by doing so you will build up blessings and virtue, and reap their rewards in the next life.” “The real purpose of building those up is to pave the way for you back to heaven.”

“He makes it very clear, there is a next life,” Cellucci said. “That for me, gives hope for the future.”

“That for me indicates that even though in the last stage, whereas there is complete destruction [and] all living things perish, certain people, and also in my opinion … certain animals will be saved from all this, will go to a better place,” Cellucci continued.

“There has to be hope in everything we do, everything we say, or dreams, there has to be hope that things will work out and be okay, a hope for the future. This is what we as people strive for, push ourselves for, unless they’re bad people, the bad people do not want that, they want destruction now.”

Cellucci sees hope for good people to be “back to what the Bible describes as the Garden of Eden paradise.”

Realm of Desire

Cellucci expressed how Mr. Li’s description of the universe’s four stages, as well as the three realms: desire, likings, and the realm of without likings, got his attention.

Cellucci said he definitely agrees with the article describing the realm of desire that people live in, as the worst realm.

“The realm that we’re in, is definitely a realm of desire. People live their lives to satisfy their desires in one way or another. And there’s a lot of struggle, conflict, problems, suffering, and trying to achieve these desires,” said Cellucci.

“I’ve always believed, starting very early in my life, is that when I, using myself as an example, do not strive after, do not pursue these desires, my life becomes more enjoyable, more pleasant, easier to live. I am much more cooperative with people.”

Cellucci said: “Not striving for your own personal desires is a very unselfish way to live. It’s a giving caring way to live. Most people don’t do that, unfortunately. So that’s another thing that really got my attention in this article.”

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