Interviews With Falun Gong Practitioners in Flushing

July 20, 2008 Updated: July 20, 2008

Note: Since May 17, mobs incited by the Chinese Communist Party has threatened and even violently attacked Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing, New York. The Chinese consulate general has been recorded admitting to playing a role in organizing these incidents. Read more about CCP Inciting Flushing Mobs.

FLUSHING, New York City—In Flushing, New York, currently there is a light-hearted joke spreading among people: those people who are the most tanned must be Falun Gong practitioners. Many people can’t figure out why practitioners continue to distribute newspapers despite the baking sun. Are they paid? Some of them were interviewed by The Epoch Times.

Auntie Ann: A Victim of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Persecution

On a street corner, Auntie Ann distributes The Epoch Times. She smiles to the pedestrians and calls out the headline news.

Ann was once a manager for a factory in China that manufactures equipment for the Chinese military. Before practicing Falun Dafa, she had a fever almost every day for 15 years. As a result, she suffered many kinds of illnesses. She practiced many other forms of qigong, but none of them were able to  heal her. It wasn’t until 1994 when she learned Falun Dafa that her body returned to good shape and she was able to walk effortlessly again.

Dr. Li distributing The Epoch Times in Flushing. (Yang Ruoying/The Epoch Times)
Dr. Li distributing The Epoch Times in Flushing. (Yang Ruoying/The Epoch Times)

In 1999, when the CCP began the persecution against Falun Gong, both Ann’s factory and her neighbors were protecting her. The police didn’t treat her badly. But as the persecution was elevated, Auntie Ann was arrested and sent to a brainwashing camp and was later sent to a detention center and a labor camp. She was verbally abused and beaten, had cold water thrown onto her, forced to stand for long periods of time, subjected to forced labor and was even injected with unknown drugs.

During the Flushing incident, when Ann was distributing newspapers, some CCP thugs once put anti-Falun Gong materials on her head, her chest and her back. Nearly a dozen men cursed, shoved and attacked a small, nearly 70-year old lady.

Auntie Ann said that she is not scared at all and neither is she angry. She has sympathy for the ignorance of her attackers. She said she hopes they may come to understand the truth and are thus able to spare themselves of the punishment when the CCP is destroyed.

Doctor Li, A 30-year Veteran Physician

Physician Mrs. Li came from mainland China. With her kind smile, she distributes the newspaper to passerby’s on the street. She often shouts,  “The Epoch Times! Read The Epoch Times to learn the truth.” 0

Dr. Li says that the Flushing incident is an event orchestrated by the CCP to defame Falun Gong. She gives her reasons why she chooses to distributes newspapers and tell people the truth of the situation face to face on the street.

“The CCP is afraid of seeing people quitting the party, so it uses anything it can to stop it from happening. In China, the CCP directed the so-called ‘self-immolation’ to demonize Falun Gong. In the Flushing incident, it uses the same tactic to demonize Falun Gong,” she said.

Li continued, “The CCP altered Falun Gong practitioners’ slogan, ‘Heaven will destroy the Chinese Communist Party and Heaven will bless China’ to ‘Heaven will destroy the Chinese Communist Party and Heaven will destroy China.’ [The CCP] does this to excite hatred toward Falun Gong. On United States soil, the CCP cannot arrest any Falun Gong practitioner, so it instead incites reproach, revolt and the use violence against them.”

When discussing financial compensation for her work, Dr. Li said, “If I want to earn money, I don’t have to do this. It’s a very hard job and sometimes you have to face vicious berating.  Falun Gong practitioners do not curse people and threaten people. So this is not something that common people can do.” 

Mr. Yang, A Senior Engineer

Mr. Yang is a Falun Gong practitioner who is originally from Beijing. He  is also a senior engineer. He holds two patents for dust removal and surface polishing, and his  technologies were adopted for manufacturing and sale.

Before practicing Falun Gong, Mr. Yang suffered from several illnesses including atrophic gastritis, arrhythmia, swollen legs, and diminution of vision. Yang says that all of his illness disappeared after he began to practice Falun Gong.

He said, “When I walked on  stairs, my legs could suddenly become immobile and I felt I was going to fall… For the atrophic gastritis, doctors said it was a precursor to stomach cancer. I had to take an examination once every two months. I was told that I might need chemo-therapy in the future. I was very nervous. However, after practicing Falun Gong all of those illnesses disappeared.”

The 73-year old Yang says that he now enjoys good health and is full of energy. He happily tells people, “Falun Dafa is good. The CCP does not allow people to practice so [The CCP], because the CCP is evil. ”

Yang continued, “Falun Gong practitioners voluntarily hit the streets to tell people the truth. We are not thinking about doing this for our own purposes. We just hope that those deceived victims have the opportunities to learn the truth.”

Yang says that he thinks that the CCP’s accomplices, spies, and national security agents have also been deceived by the CCP’s propaganda. He also feels that some commoners are likewise deceived by the CCP’s lies and that some of them may also have economic interests tied to the CCP.

Yang says that he wants to tell people, “Don’t believe the CCP’s lies!”