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Facts Matter (Oct. 15): Leaked Pfizer Emails Show Executives Trying to Hide Fetal Cell Truth from Public

According to newly leaked emails that came out of Pfizer, it looks like their corporate executives made a concerted effort to obfuscate the fact that cells derived from aborted fetuses were used during the research and testing of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Meanwhile, three years after President Donald Trump had America leave the U.N. Human Rights Council—due to the fact that many countries on that council are human rights abusers—the United States is back in. America has officially rejoined the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Lastly, with the deteriorating situation at the U.S. southern border—particularly with thousands of Haitian migrants recently trying to cross into the United States—I took the opportunity while I was in Texas to sit down and speak with Mr. Todd Bensman, who is a senior national security fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies. We discussed the reality of how people from over 120 different countries are using our porous southern border to get in.


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