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Facts Matter (Feb. 4): Court Strikes Down ‘No-Excuse’ Mail-In Voting Law, Rules it Unconstitutional in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, a state judge officially struck down its 2019 mail-in voting law, saying that the Pennsylvania Constitution requires voters to cast their ballots in person unless they meet specific requirements—meaning that the law was unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, in Boston, a young man is being denied a heart transplant because he is unvaccinated. The doctors are saying that he needs to get the shot in order to improve his chances of post-transplant survival. On the flip side, however, the man is saying that if he gets the shot and experiences heart inflammation, then he might just die.

Lastly, while I was in Texas, I took the opportunity to sit down and speak with Matt Braynard—who is the executive director of Look Ahead America—and we discussed the deeper implications of having Jan. 6 prisoners remain in solitary confinement for months on end.


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