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Facts Matter (Aug. 30): 19 Unbelievable Weapons, Vehicles, Planes the Taliban Took From Us; Rockets Fired at Airport

In Afghanistan, we have gotten a clearer picture of exactly how much U.S. military equipment the Taliban was able to get their hands on—and frankly, it’s a lot. All this comes at a time when rockets are now being fired at the Kabul airport.

Meanwhile, according to a new report, Pfizer is beginning to hire a brand new salesforce in order to establish a foothold in the new vaccine booster market. In fact, one professor said that in the near future, you won’t be able to turn on the TV without seeing several COVID-19 vaccine ads.

Lastly, 16 years to the day that Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana, another even stronger hurricane just touched down. A Category 4 storm named Hurricane Ida has just blown through Louisiana, devastating the state and leaving all of New Orleans without power.



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