Experiment: Can Remote Viewing or Dreaming Predict Stock Market Prices?

May 25, 2015 Updated: May 27, 2015

A crowdfunding campaign is underway for an unusual experiment to be conducted by University of Colorado–Boulder engineering professor Garret Moddel, Dr. Julia Mossbridge of Northwestern University’s psychology department, and an unnamed financial services analyst. They will compare and contrast different methods of stock-market prediction—including remote viewing and precognitive dreaming. 

The campaign website explains: “A growing research literature, including our own work, suggests that humans have non-conscious access to information about upcoming events that should otherwise be unpredictable. This seems strange to our conscious minds, because most of us don’t normally experience knowing what the future will bring, except in obvious cases. Previous work suggests that we must use tricks to access this non-conscious information, like asking people to draw pictures of future images that are associated to events (associated remote viewing or ARV), or asking people to dream about the future (precognitive dreaming).”

Professor Moddel’s students have seemingly been able to predict stock market changes.

It was shown in experiments conducted by Stanford University and funded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), explains Dr. Mossbridge in a video on the website, that: “At a rate above chance, people can be trained to sketch an image or a geographical location they will see in the next day or the next week.”

By drawing similar pictures, Professor Moddel’s students have seemingly been able to predict stock market changes, an ability he hopes to explore further with this study. More investigation is needed to ensure the successful results are above what one would expect according to chance. 

The United States government has taken remote viewing seriously, with U.S. intelligence developing remote viewing training programs. 

How Associate Remote Viewing (ARV) Works in the Experiment

Though the immediate aim of the experiment is to produce reliable guesses about the market shifts over 120 days, the long-term application the project has in view is to help prepare for unfortunate events. 

The project’s financing goal is $50,000. To contribute, go to the Experiment.com webpage linked here.

Previous work on stock market prediction using associate remote viewing and untrained viewers:

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