Exclusive Interview: Korean Heartthrob, Actor Lee Jong-Suk

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Hallyu World
Hallyu World
November 9, 2014 Updated: December 1, 2014

It’s a peak time for young actors in Korea.

Before most people preferred flower boys with pretty faces. Now, it’s warm-hearted men who are the hottest. While their appearance may not be perfect, they all have unique facial features and a warm smile from the heart that is winning the hearts of millions of fans.

Many of these new-gen actors started out as models. With a tall physique and outstanding temperament, they are increasingly the trend in Korea. 

So how are their acting skills? Not everyone can be endowed with looks and talent. But this new group of stars is proving they can hold their own.

Here is an exclusive interview with Korean Actor Lee Jong-Suk. Lee started on the runway in 2005, and now he’s one of the industry’s top actors. He is best known for playing the lead in School 2013 (2012), I Can Hear Your Voice (2013), and Doctor Stranger (2014).


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