Exclusive Interview: KingFace on the ‘All Black Lives Matter’ Movement

June 9, 2020 Updated: June 10, 2020

New York community leader KingFace is helping launch a new movement, “All Black Lives Matter,” to stand up against the murder of black Americans in all forms—including from gang violence.

He explains that solving the problem requires more than just responses after tragedies happen, and require programs such as mentorship of youth, helping solve issues of fatherlessness, and teaching kids how to succeed. KingFace believes that teaching victimhood is less valuable than teaching a mentality of self-motivation and success.

And Joe Biden has come out against the push to “defund the police,” alongside several other Democrat leaders. The movement is supported by an estimated 16 percent of Americans, mainly on the Democrat side. With leaders now trying to distance from it, Biden and others may risk fracturing their voting base.

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