EvLeaks Retires: Lack of Profitability and Illness Forces @evleaks Twitter Tipster to Moves on

@evleaks has officially retired from leaking.

Evan Blass is the man responsible for “breaking,” or rather, “leaking,” the latest tech news on his Twitter account, @evleaks.

Blass, a former tech journalist for Engadget and Pocketnow, got into the “leaking” business in 2012.

After a series of high-profile “leaks” such as the LG G2, HTC One (M7) and the Moto X, Blass eventually revealed his identity in an interview with AndroidPolice in 2013.

When asked about his motivation to “leak” during the interview, Blass said that it was not “ever a conscious decision,” and it was an instinct acquired when he started out as a writer and was “just happy to get any exclusive” he could get.

Blass would go carry on “leaking” information on Twitter — he now has a modest 186,000 followers — up until he announced his retirement on August 4, 2014.

Speaking to TheNextWeb about his retirement, Blass said: “These matters are always somewhat complicated, but like many things, it mostly comes down to money.

“Trying to monetize a stream of Twitter leaks is not easy.

First I tried monthly sponsorships. Then weekly. Then single sponsored tweets. I took donations — felt like online panhandling.”

Blass started a website in bid to stay financially afloat, but it did not work out too well because most people had “little incentive” to get information that he had already released on Twitter, and most of his “tech-savvy-heavy audience seem to be pretty heavy ad-block users,” which curbed his funding.

As Blass needed the money to treat his multiple sclerosis, he finally decided to call it quits and find a more stable career and source of income.

After the interview got out, TK O’Connor of TK TechNews decided to start an “evleaks fund” on IndieGoGo.com in a bid to help Blass pay for his medical condition and “return to the tech community.”

The “evleaks fund” aims to reach a goal of $100,000 by September 18, 2014. At the time of writing, there is about $6,450 in the fund.

Towards the end of the interview with TheNextWeb, Blass singled out the man who initiated his medical fund as his potential tipster successor.

“[TK O’Connor] is a beast when it comes to leaking — and body checks — but he’s also the nicest guy you’ll ever meet,” said Blass.