Even More Stunning US Air Force Photography

July 6, 2015 Updated: October 5, 2018

To satisfy the notable interest in our Stunning US Air Force Photography photo gallery, once again I have delved into the archives of the United States Air Force photographers to dig up the absolute best of what they offer.

One has to admire the prowess of the photographers in capturing the spirit of the airmen while spotting and sometimes, I’d imagine, staking out the perfect moments to feature their gear.

By the way, it only requires a high school or GED diploma to land a job as an Air Force photographer. “As a Still Photography Specialist, you’ll play an integral part in the Air Force communications strategy. After attending an intense 12-week training course on the intricacies of photography, you’ll begin your role in documenting Air Force activities. You’ll shoot everything from portraits to mission aerial shots. Your assignments will change often and can take you around the world, so you’ll face new challenges every day,” the Air Force website states.

To get the job directly, you need to prove you’re a professional and then wait for a job opening, which can take months or up to a year, according to a Yahoo Answers post by Larry Smith, retired Air Force senior master sergeant.

Another option is to just enlist in the Air Force, set being a photographer as a preferred job and wait to see what the Air Force assigns to you, which of course is a much greater gamble.

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