Eric Trump: Each Family Member Has Been Sent ‘White Powder’ in Mail

August 3, 2018 Updated: August 5, 2018

Eric Trump, the president’s second son, said that every one of his family members has been terrorized with “white powder” mailed to their homes at some point in time.

The powder conjures up images of the 2001 anthrax attacks, where anonymous letters laced with deadly anthrax spores were sent to public offices. At the time, five people died from inhaling the spores, which cause a serious infectious disease to spread throughout the body and potentially cause death.

“I’ve been threatened. Don’s [Donald Trump Jr.] been threatened. All of us. We’ve all had white powder show up at our house,” Trump said in a televised interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Aug 2.

The 34-year-old executive vice president of the Trump Organization told Hannity that the mainstream media largely ignored the threats to himself and his family members.

“And by the way, there’s no moral outrage over that,” he added, arguing that there is no collective reaction when conservatives are threatened or harassed.

According to Trump, the media fails to call out the many, ever-escalating threats toward his family. Just days ago, Mark Roberts, an “independent conservative” called First Lady Melania Trump a “hoebag.”

“You know how much that was reported? … One of the most disgusting comments [toward Melania Trump]. You know what they said about that? Nothing,” said Trump.

He said the media outcry about Trump supporters chanting “CNN sucks” was much more sizable than the increasingly violent rhetoric against conservatives.

Vanessa Trump, who was the wife of Donald Trump Jr., was taken to a hospital in New York City after she opened an envelope containing white powder on Feb. 12. Vanessa and two others were sent to the hospital for examination but appeared to be fine.

A list of instances of violence and harassment against supporters of President Donald Trump between Nov. 2015 and July 10, 2018, reveals an alarming, recent acceleration of such acts. The list records 305 separate instances and includes 29 incidents in the first 10 days of July.

Death threats have also increased as a result of such rhetoric.

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