Epstein Accuser: Alleged Co-Conspirators Should Face Justice

May 26, 2020 Updated: May 26, 2020

A woman who says Jeffrey Epstein raped her repeatedly said two women she described as his co-conspirators should face justice.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s one-time girlfriend, is said to have helped Epstein run a sex trafficking ring with young, mainly minor girls. She had denied involvement. Sarah Kellen, a top assistant to Epstein, has admitted to being involved with him.

Sarah Ransome says she was taken to Epstein’s island in the Caribbean and essentially trapped there. Maxwell or Kellen would call her to go to Epstein, who would rape her.

“The more he saw you being damaged, the more he enjoyed it, the more it excited him,” she said in a Netflix documentary “Filthy Rich,” due for release on May 27.

Ransome recalled being in the New York courtroom last year when Epstein faced sex trafficking and other charges. He later died in what was officially ruled a suicide.

Epoch Times Photo
Sarah Ransome in a still image from “Filthy Rich.” (Netflix)

“I wanted to see him held accountable. I have faith that maybe I’ll get another day in court where I can face my co-conspirators, the people that helped Jeffrey rape me every day,” Ransome said during an appearance on “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday. Ransome said Kellen, who was always on her computer on the island, booked all of her flights. Maxwell, always on the phone, is alleged to have regularly help bring girls into the fold for Epstein to abuse.

In a statement to CBS, a spokesperson for Kellen said she was a victim of Epstein. She was sexually and psychologically abused by Epstein for years, the spokesperson said. She did schedule appointments for Epstein and Maxwell and “deeply regrets” her involvement. Maxwell, whose whereabouts are unknown, says she wasn’t involved with the sex trafficking ring.

Asked about the statements, Ransome said, “I think it’s disgraceful and these people are going to burn in hell.”

“Ghislaine knew exactly what she was doing. She knew that every time she called me, I was going to be raped. Every time. Sarah Kellen knew for every girl that she organized to go on that island or to be picked up by a car to go to the New York mansion, she knew that these girls were there to be raped repeatedly. She’s going to rot in hell, definitely,” she said.

ghislaine maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell attends a gala in New York City in a file photograph. (Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Ransome said last year that she tried escaping the island by planning to swim from Little St. James, Epstein’s island, to St. Thomas, but Epstein’s security team stopped her. She was eventually rescued by a woman in a New York nightclub, she told the Daily Telegraph.

Neither Kellen nor Maxwell have been criminally charged, nor have any others who were allegedly involved with assisting Epstein.

Ransome said she lives daily in fear of being contacted by people who were involved with Epstein. Until they’re charged, she said, she doesn’t believe she can start to heal.

Ransome settled a lawsuit with Maxwell and Epstein in 2018, as did Virginia Giuffre, another accuser.

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