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Why Did a Magistrate With History of Anti-Trump Bias Sign the Warrant to Raid Trump? | Truth Over News

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The Biden regime and its lackeys in the corporate media keep parroting the line that last week’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s home was “court-approved.”
But what does that really mean? We already know from the Carter Page FISA warrant—through which the FBI spied on the Trump campaign as well as the Trump presidency—that it doesn’t take much to get a warrant approved. There’s no rigorous process or close scrutiny.
All it takes is for one judge—or even just a low-level magistrate, as in the case of the Trump warrant—to sign the warrant. That’s it.
And it gets even worse. Bruce Reinhart, the magistrate who signed the Trump warrant, is an anti-Trumper who previously had to recuse himself from a separate case in which Trump is suing Hillary Clinton. He also represented Jeffrey Epstein’s crew and covered for Lois Lerner, the IRS official who targeted conservatives. How is it possible that this man got to be the sole decision maker on whether to invade a former president’s home?
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