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Why Do Men Die Earlier Than Women? Mouse Study Offers Clues

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It’s a question that spans the generations: Why do men die earlier than women? A new study on mice offers a concrete answer, or at least one more concrete than what’s been offered so far.
Life expectancy for women in the United States in 2021 was 79 years; for men, it was 73 years. This is the largest gap between the two since 1996. The impact of COVID-19 has marginally lowered both.
Historically, men have been the main breadwinners and so it was argued they suffered more "life-shortening" stress. Yet the number of working women now rivals—and even surpasses—the number of working men, so shouldn’t their lifespans also be coming into alignment?
What could the deeper reason be, inscribed in our DNA, that men die earlier than women?
Find out on #VitalSigns with Brendon Fallon.
Why do Men die earlier than women? Mouse Study Offers Clues
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