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US 'Nuclear Umbrella' to Cover Taiwan?

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Weapons of mass destruction may be on the table for a certain Indo-Pacific island. Reports say Taiwan could be in talks to come under Washington's "nuclear umbrella." That would trigger the United States to retaliate in kind if Taiwan were to come under nuclear attack from Beijing. For decades, the U.S. nuclear umbrella has shielded Japan, South Korea, and Australia. There are mixed reactions to the reported proposal, with some saying it would help boost Taiwan's security while others are more cautious.
Topics in this episode:
  1. U.S. 'Nuclear Umbrella' to Cover Taiwan?
  2. Musk: Tesla Wishes to Expand Business in China
  3. Expert: Elon Musk's Bet on China
  4. China Rejects Meeting with U.S. Defense Chief
  5. Mexico: in Talks with China to Fight Fentanyl
  6. Chinese Warship Sails Through Taiwan Strait
  7. China Urges Japan to Halt Chip Export Controls
  8. What's at Stake in U.S.-China Race to the Moon? Need to Meet China's Space Ambitions: Analyst
  9. Seoul Hosts First Korea-Pacific Islands Summit
  10. A 14-Year Fight for Justice: Daughter Petitions Over Mother's Death in Black Jail
  11. Nury Turkel on the Chinese Regime's War on Faith
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