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Unabashed | Documentary

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"Unabashed" is a compelling documentary from Xs in the Sky Films about Frank X. Panico and his journey from the gay lifestyle in Los Angeles to one of practicing abstinence and joy in Florida.
Mr. Panico explains how he had a great childhood, growing up in Queens, New York, with two loving parents and four siblings. Frank never found women physically attractive and said that it is a mystery that he always had same-sex attraction, since he was never molested or exposed to any sexually explicit material of any kind. Mr. Panico knows that marriage should only be between one man and one woman and that people must support and encourage the traditional family and the values that find favor in God's eyes. God has taken Frank from a dark past lifestyle of drifting and uncertainty to one planted firmly on solid rock. Mr. Panico now tells his story in an attempt to dissuade others from going down the same-sex relationship path, and he is living proof that one could be happier than ever by living a chaste lifestyle.