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Tucker Carlson Argues for Free Speech Rights as Fox Threatens Lawsuit

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Fox News is trying to shut down Tucker Carlson again. The former Fox host made a return to the news industry with a Twitter video on June 6. It racked up over 104 million views. Establishment media attacked him in unison. Fox is now claiming that Carlson breached his contract, and the debate is turning into a broader conversation on First Amendment rights to free speech.
After Carlson left Fox News, rumors swirled about where he would go next. On May 9, Carlson revealed that his new show would not be on a news network, or on his own website. Instead, he’d be taking advantage of the full video capabilities on Twitter. Shortly after, Elon Musk noted that there was no signed deal between the platform and Carlson. And the lack of a signed deal could be important in the coming legal debates.
Here’s why all this really matters. Carlson and Fox are on the brink of a tense legal battle, where each is accusing the other of breaching a contract. Apparently, that contract restricts Carlson’s ability to work on a news show. But even beyond this debate, the bigger question is whether a contract with a private company can restrict a person’s constitutional rights. Can a news network stop a former host from publicly expressing an opinion?
In this episode of Crossroads, we’ll discuss this issue and others.