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Trump Adviser’s Arrest Only Days After Sussmann Verdict Lays Bare Urgency of Fixing Washington | Truth Over News

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Last week’s acquittal of Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann by a jury of Washington residents once again puts into focus that the game is rigged, as even former Attorney General Bill Barr now admits.
It is worth reflecting on the fact that it is not just the D.C. jury pool that is rigged. Just days after Sussmann was acquitted, President Donald Trump’s economic adviser Peter Navarro was arrested and led away in leg shackles for the misdemeanor of allegedly not cooperating with Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee.
Over the course of the past decade, we have seen again and again how both the federal government and the D.C. court system consistently abuse one side of the political divide while giving the other side a free pass to do whatever they want.
As is now becoming increasingly clear, this trend cannot be sustained in the long run without destroying the country.
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