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Traditional Chinese Medicine Is (Probably) Not What You Think

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Many people think that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a kind of folk medicine—with remedies and old wives' tales that have been passed down from village to village in China for thousands of years. And that eventually, someone put it all together in a book with recipes and diagrams.
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"Come on, this is not how scientific study develops," said Dr. Jinguan Yang, an integrative doctor and a fifth-generation practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
"It's impossible for individuals to randomly accumulate a body of knowledge through life experience."
So where did China's ancient medical system come from?
Today on Frontline Health, Dr. Yang will present a case for how he thinks TCM came about, and why our modern medicine may not be as advanced as we think. In fact, it may still be catching up with what ancient Chinese doctors had known for thousands of years.
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