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Thousands Evacuated in China's Tianjin

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Thousands were evacuated overnight in China after land collapses caused large cracks on nearby streets. Footage shows bulged and warped roads, with some buildings even tilting with the pressure. We spoke to impacted residents for the latest.
Topics in this episode:
  1. Thousands Evacuated in China's Tianjin
  2. China Slams U.S. Over Alleged Cuba Spy Base
  3. Heavy Flooding Hits Southern China
  4. China Arrests Pro-Democracy Dissident in Laos
  5. China's Chip Imports Take 20% Hit Amid Tech War
  6. Exxon Goes Ahead with New China Chemical Plant
  7. China Cited as Threat to Dollar's Primacy
  8. South Korea Summons China’s Envoy: Report
  9. Germany to Deploy Two Warships to Indo-Pacific
  10. China 'Close Behind' U.S. in Quantum Technology; Security Threat If China Takes the Lead: Lee
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