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The Most Important Lawsuit in the United States Just Took Place in the Western District of Louisiana | Truth Over News

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Back in May of 2022, the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana filed a lawsuit (pdf) seeking a preliminary injunction to stop Biden and his administration from colluding with social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to suppress free speech.

At the time, it had just become known that Biden had set up a "Ministry of Truth" led by disinformation queen, Nina Jankowicz. Biden’s people quickly tried to downplay the Ministry of Truth, but it was too late.

Unfortunately, the legal system moves slowly, so it took until now for the free speech case against Biden to reach its preliminary highlight on Friday when both sides got to present their arguments—and we absolutely could not believe our eyes and ears when we saw and heard the government’s arguments. Having been caught red-handed, the Biden Regime has decided to double down on illegal state censorship.