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Taiwan Accuses Chinese Company of Stealing Secrets

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Shanghai is on its way toward a new round of mass testing; there’s fear the city is headed back under a new lockdown.
Taiwan takes another step toward tackling intellectual property theft. This time, the island is taking aim at a Chinese Apple supplier.
A high-level Taiwanese delegation visits the Czech Republic. The country’s leader is seeking closer ties to China but is facing pushback.
Another Western nation is warning against data risks through TikTok. But what makes that data collection so critical?
Topics in this episode:
  1. Shanghai: New Round of COVID-19 Mass Testing
  2. China Economy Hits Slowest Pace Since COVID-19 Began
  3. Taiwan Accuses Chinese Company of Stealing Secrets
  4. Taiwan Parliament Speaker Visits Czech Republic
  5. China Urged to Agree to $4B Aid for Sri Lanka
  6. Tiktok: Australian Data Accessible in China
  7. China No Longer a Developing Country: Rep. Hill
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