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Suing the Mandators: Dr. Mary Bowden on Fighting for Medical Freedom in Texas | ATL:NOW

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"Mandates go completely against medical ethics, bodily autonomy, first do no harm. We have safe and effective treatment using off-label medications, such as ivermectin, that obviate the need for a vaccine."
Dr. Mary Talley Bowden is an ENT specialist who was suspended from Houston Methodist Hospital and reported to the Texas Medical Board after speaking out against vaccine mandates and prescribing ivermectin to patients.
"It is inconceivable to me that your employer can tell you what you have to inject in your body. It's just complete insanity," says Dr. Bowden.
Today, Dr. Bowden is suing the FDA for intervening in the doctor-patient relationship, which Dr. Bowden claims falls outside of its authority.
"We use off-label medications all the time. The best example that I can think of is a medication called Neurontin, or gabapentin. And it has three FDA indications, but off-label uses? I counted 22 off-label uses. It's very widely used," says Dr. Bowden. "It'd be like if they went online and said, 'Okay, Neurontin? Don't use it for pain' ... So many doctors use it for pain. That's not the indication. But you'd never see the FDA going after Neurontin for that online like they did with ivermectin."