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Severe Floods, Major Damage in Southern China

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The United States can now import more solar panels from Southeast Asian countries. But are they connected to forced labor in China? Questions rise as the White House pushes for clean energy.
China’s rainy season has begun, with severe downpours wreaking havoc in the southern regions. But local authorities may be adding to the damages.
Chinese citizens have endured months of confinement as part of Beijing’s "zero-COVID-19" strategy. But in the face of another lockdown, some people are standing up in protest.
A Chinese celebrity with 64 million followers vanishes while livestreaming. Many suspect he got censored by Chinese authorities—all because of one unique ice cream bar.
Topics in this episode:
  1. White House Lifts Tariffs to Import More Solar Panels
  2. Unions Oppose Lifting China Tariffs
  3. Fighting Inflation More Complex Than Cutting China Tariffs: U.S. Trade Rep.
  4. FBI: China Is World’s Largest Hacking Power
  5. Severe Floods, Major Damage in Southern China
  6. Thousands Protest COVID-19 Lockdown in South China
  7. Chinese Celebrity Censored Over Ice Cream Bar
  8. China Denounces Australian Plane in S. China Sea
  9. Beijing Gives Ultimatum to Israeli Media Company
  10. Shanghai Man Attacks COVID-19 Testing Boost: Report
  11. Chinese Textbook Depicts CCP Member Killing Wife
  12. Report Details China’s Subsidies to State Firms
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