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Parents Rights: Fighting Educational Grooming and State-Sanctioned Kidnapping

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On this episode of International Reporters Roundtable, we talk about parental rights. Public school is back in session, and with it comes increasing sex education. Schools are keeping secrets, turning children against their parents. If parents object, they’re labeled terrorists, their custody threatened. When did the state become the authority over kids? Do parents have rights once children enter the classroom?
Guests Alex Newman, co-author of “Crimes of the Educators”; Darlene Sanchez, Epoch Times reporter; and Tom Neumark, Frederick Classical Charter School founder, join us to discuss parents' rights and how far the state plans to go instructing children.
To find out more about what you can do to retake control of your child’s education, here are some helpful links from our guests:
-Unteach the Overreach: https://genspect.org/dear-world-lets-unteach-schools-overreach/ -Declaration of Educational Independence: https://educationalindependence.net/