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Outrage in Muslim Region After Mosque Demolition

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Conflict is breaking out in Southwestern China. Chinese authorities' attempt to demolish the roof of a mosque sparked the clash, with Chinese Muslims facing off against police officers, and crowds throwing stones at authorities.
Topics in this episode:
  1. Outrage in Muslim Region After Mosque Demolition
  2. Two CCP Agents Face IRS-Related Bribery Charges
  3. China Leading Investment in Solar Energy: Report
  4. China to Launch Manned Spacecraft on Tuesday
  5. U.S. 'Won't Tolerate' China Ban on Chipmaker Micron
  6. U.S., Indo-Pacific Talks Agree on Supply Chain Deal
  7. NATO General Visited Taiwan in March Secretly
  8. China's Home-Built Jet Completes First Commercial Flight
  9. China Calls for Talks, N. Korea Plans Satellite Launch
  10. New Chinese Embassy Plan in UK May Go Ahead
  11. Kyiv Denies China Backs Splitting the West
  12. Hungarians Share Fears Over Chinese Battery Plant
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